Adelson Speaks at SIAA’s 2019 National Conference & Expo

SIIA 2018 Conference

Today, Jeffrey Adelson is speaking on a panel for the Self-Insurance Institute of America’s National Conference in San Francisco. The topic is Ethics and Good Faith Claims Handling: Playing by the Rules and Avoiding Complications.

Joe Gjonola, Partner at Roxborough Pomerance NYE & Adreni, is joining Jeff for this session, which is moderated by Virginia Johnson of Franco Signor LLC.

Adelson and Gjonola will examine a number of problematic workers’ compensation cases and their outcomes. They’ll review conflicts of interest and flag potential issues with attorney-client privilege, negotiations with plaintiffs and their attorneys, and problems that can arise in the settlement and closure process.

These two powerhouse attorneys will show the value of building respectful relationships with plaintiffs and their counsel, and other best practices for establishing dialogues that facilitate better outcomes for both parties.

Click here for full session details.
More information about Jeff Adelson can be found here.

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