Not Another #@&* New Year’s Resolution…

AM 2020

The team at Adelson McLean is wishing you a glorious 2020. Rather than another Santa on a surfboard, we’re giving you Ben Franklin, channeling his inner Jerry Garcia.

2020 (MMXX) is special.

It is a leap year, and we’ll have the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo this summer. Instead of another New Year’s resolution, that might last for a few days (or even a few minutes), we’re interested in your milestones, your predictions, your bucket list goals!

Questions we ponder in our spare time:

Which of our clients and friends will be reaching a milestone in 2020?
(i.e. 25 years as a Claims Adjuster or 20 years of marriage.)

What fashion trends will make a comeback in 2020?
(We’re going with bell-bottom jeans!)

What is your New Year’s wish for the Workers Comp system?

What about your predictions for the coming year?

Who will win best movie in 2020?
Who will win the World Series?
The Super Bowl?
The 2020 NBA Finals?

Finally, what one word will define your new year?

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Choose just one word.

Is it Growth…as a person, a business, an industry?

Think of one word you can focus on. Every day. All year long.

Do you have a New Year’s tradition? What will be your last memory of 2019? Will you check any items off your bucket list in 2020? Do you have any predictions to make based on the questions above?

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