Upcoming Webinar: The Hidden Costs of Workplace Bullying

Whether it involves derogatory comments, relentless intimidation or outright threats, bullying has no place in society or the workplace. However, each year large numbers of workers’ compensation claims, sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits are brought against employers in all jurisdictions. The hidden costs of this are staggering.

A previous article by Jeff Adelson examined the numbers attached to workplace bullying. Here are the national statistics:

  • 19% of adult Americans consider themselves victims of workplace bullying.
  • 60.3 million U.S. workers are affected by bullying.
  • 65% of this workforce are women.
  • 70% of the perpetrators are men.
  • 82% of those bullied lose their jobs.
  • 18% of the bullies lose their jobs. 

In a recent webinar for insurance professionals, Jeff asked the following three questions during the course of the presentation:

1. Have you ever been bullied in the workplace?
(49% of respondents said, “Yes.”)

2. Have you ever witnessed bullying in the workplace?
(71% of respondents said, “Yes.”)

3. Do you think there should be an independent cause of action for bullying in the workplace?
(83% of respondents said, “Yes.”)

This is not an American issue. This is a worldwide issue.

Final Thoughts

Although bullying is not against the law, it’s very expensive.

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January 14, 2021, 10:00-11:00 am (PST)
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