Banishing the Bully Series Begins

Recognize Bullying before it hurts

The series, based on a course taught by our co-Managing Partner, Jeff Adelson, focuses on confronting the hidden threat of workplace bullying in the hospitality sector.

Defining Workplace Bullying

Whether it involves derogatory comments, relentless intimidation or outright threats, bullying has no place in society or the workplace. However, each year large numbers of workers’ compensation claims, sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits brought against restaurants, hotels, casinos, and other businesses across the hospitality sector stem from bullying.

New anti-bullying laws

The EU has enacted strict anti-bullying laws and France Télécom has recently been in the news in a landmark case that is likely to send ripples through the French business community. Several former France Télécom bosses have been given prison sentences and fines after being found guilty of “institutional harassment” and creating a culture of routine workplace bullying.

California now requires employment practices sensitivity training to include modules on recognizing, reporting and addressing workplace bullying. In the hospitality sector, risk managers can team with in-house counsel, outside attorneys, human resources professionals and operational executives to help their organizations understand how to recognize bullying, as well as to develop and implement strategies to rid their workplaces of this ugly hazard.

Please contact us for training on bullying in the workplace at jadelson(at)adelsonmclean(com).

This post is Part 1 in a series on Workplace Bullying. Specific upcoming topics will address “How To Spot Bullying Behavior Patterns in the Workplace” and “The Consequences of Workplace Bullying.”

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