Adelson McLean Takes Precautionary Measures Against Coronavirus


COVID-19 has unsettled legal operations at many law firms in the U.S. and abroad and Adelson McLean has taken steps to ensure that the current coronavirus pandemic does not disrupt our clients’ businesses.

The legal team at Adelson McLean has strong relationships with both the applicant’s and plaintiff’s bars and are in a position to leverage these long-term relationships to effect timely resolutions and settlements regardless of legal system interruption. The firm’s cutting-edge technology allows the entire staff to work remotely, should it become necessary. In addition, the firm subscribes to Court Call, should remote appearances become required.

Adelson McLean will use our time wisely during this outbreak to minimize the impact to clients and continue to resolve cases quickly. Until the coronavirus crisis ends, our legal team will be scheduling settlement conferences and exploring all avenues of alternative dispute resolution.

“Despite the gravity of this situation, the firm sees this as an opportunity to explore and fast-track alternate avenues to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.”

About Adelson McLean

In 2019, after years of commitment to the Workers’ Compensation community, Jeffrey M. Adelson and Michael M. McLean launched their own firm. Adelson McLean’s mission is to leverage its unique litigation management services, called Targeted Lawyering (trademark pending), to Adelson McLean’s Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Subrogation and Employment Law clients.

Adelson’s Targeted Lawyering litigation philosophy is based on the following:

  • Early identification of the central issues in a case
  • A litigation plan based on a detailed early evaluation of those issues
  • Targeting attorney activity with the goal of early resolution or a clear strategy for trial

For more information or questions, please contact our office at (949) 656-4601.

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