Adelson Speaking on “The Covid-19 Effect” at WorkCompCentral

WCC COVID 19 Effect Virtual Conference Social

Jeff Adelson is participating in a panel webinar on WorkCompCentral this Friday, April 24th. This engaging day of sessions is focused on 5 key states: NJ, FL, IL, TX and CA.

Webinar details

Just a few short weeks into the US COVID-19 pandemic experience, WorkCompCentral has assembled a stellar ensemble of workers’ compensation experts to discuss what is headed our way as COVID claims begin to enter the workers’ compensation (WC) system.

We’ll hear from industry leaders as they share thoughts on where we are, and where we may be headed. Everyone agrees that we are in a place we’ve never seen before, not only as a country, but in the WC system.

This webinar addresses some key questions plaguing our community:

  • Where do we go from here?
  • How can the WC system prepare for what lies ahead, when we don’t even know what that is?
  • What role will telemedicine play?
  • What about the mental health impact?
  • What other issues should we consider or anticipate?

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