Jeff Adelson’s 7th Year at CLM’s Claims College

CLMS Claims

For the seventh year in a row, Jeff Adelson was invited to teach a class at the CLM claims college, and this year the conference is virtual for the first time. The CLM, a member of The Institutes, is dedicated to the professional development needs of the claims and litigation management industries. Their Claims College enlists the industry’s top professionals to create and teach courses within their areas of expertise.

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  • Event details, including the courses offered, can be found here.
  • Registration and a list of sponsors can be found here.

Jeff’s course on Occupational Disease and Cumulative Injuries is attended by claims adjusters, risk managers and attorneys. Students from various insurance companies all over the country have the opportunity to learn more about the effective handling of occupational injury.

Fun fact: The history and recognition of occupational disease originated approximately 2400 years ago with the use of animal bladders as respirators to protect the lungs of workers in the mines.

To find out more about Jeffrey Adelson, click here.

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