Jeffrey Adelson talks of Balancing Technology with Humanity

Jeffrey Adelson, co-managing shareholder at Adelson McLean is featured in this article written by Bruce Shutan for Self-Insurer Magazine. Jeff talks about balancing technology with humanity in the information age.

Adelson suggests AI can keep claims handlers and attorneys on track, help them ask necessary questions and provide guidelines to swiftly move through the system of claims management in a more thorough and timely manner without sacrificing the human element.

“Create a feeling of security and empathy” in the mind of claimants, noting “the more distant they feel from the process, the more frightened and insecure they become, which is likely going to send them running to an attorney.”

Given the myriad work comp injuries, as well as underlying conditions that can shape the healing process or treatment outcome, the use of technology must be tempered with human interaction, emotional intelligence and empathy, cautions Jeffrey Adelson specializing in workers’ comp trends.

Written by Bruce Shutan

Streamlining Safety

About Jeffrey Adelson

Jeff Adelson, General Counsel and Co-Managing Partner at Adelson McLean, has practiced in the field of Workers’ Compensation for almost 40 years. In addition, Jeffrey Adelson’s legal career includes experience in the areas of civil, family, and criminal law. He enjoys the field of employment and Worker’s Compensation. A strong believer in human rights, he abhors any type of intolerance.

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