Jeffrey Adelson quoted in worker’s compensation article in Pit & Quarry

Navigating New Risks in Workers’ Compensation

“Workers’ compensation law is becoming more complicated for employers in many states,” says Jeffrey Adelson, general counsel at Adelson McLean. “The regulations are undergoing change all the time.”

Written by Phillip M. Perry, Pit & Quarry

Adelson and other attorneys cite these areas of concern:

  • Presumption laws for COVID infections
  • Costly “long COVID” care
  • Mental health treatments
  • Medical marijuana coverage
  • Opioid effect on accidents
  • Injuries by inexperienced replacement workers
  • Independent contractor coverage
  • Ergonomic injuries by home workers
  • Comorbidities
  • Mega claims

Many of these concerns arise from, or are worsened by, the pandemic.

Handling of treatment in Worker’s Compensation Claims

“You have to see where the money’s going and keep tight control of it,” Adelson says. “Every employer needs to ask: ‘If one of my people gets hurt, what process will we use to monitor the medical treatment?’ You want to have the best control you can.”

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About Jeffrey Adelson

Jeff Adelson, General Counsel and Co-Managing Partner at Adelson McLean, has practiced in the field of Workers’ Compensation for almost 40 years. In addition, Jeffrey Adelson’s legal career includes experience in the areas of civil, family, and criminal law. He enjoys the field of employment and Worker’s Compensation. A strong believer in human rights, he abhors any type of intolerance.

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