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When sex crimes take place in the workplace

Exclusive remedy in comp complicates legal and liability scenario as awareness of sexual assault rises after #MeToo

Legal outcomes often depend on the facts surrounding the assault: Was the perpetrator a coworker, an acquaintance or a stranger? Were there warning signs or security lapses? Where did the incident happen? Was a physical injury documented?

Jurisdiction is also an important factor in the success or failure of a case, legal experts say. 

“There are a lot of questions that have to be answered,” said Jeff Adelson, a partner with the Newport Beach, California-based law firm Adelson McLean P.C., which represents employers. Cases in California often hinge on who the perpetrator was: a coworker, where the risk is not inherent, or a member of the public, in a public-facing business where violence is always a workplace risk. 

“There’s a flood of people coming in retail stores all the time,” Mr. Adelson said. 

Most states allow for exclusive remedy defense in sexual assault cases, and the cases often see years of litigation. Complicating the issue, many assaults are determined to have resulted in mental injuries only and not all states allow for mental injuries in workers compensation. 

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