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The shareholders at MVPF law combine a wealth of collective experience, shared ethics and a practice philosophy that benefits our clients in California, Texas, and Nevada.

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Our Team’s Philosophy

Targeted Lawyering saves clients time, money and unnecessary worry.

Our firm’s practice goal is to zero in on the crux of any case or dispute from the start and focus our time, and our client’s resources, on the central issues. Our shared experience tells us that targeting depositions, written discovery and investigation on these central issues early in the life of a case can often shorten its life and limit the client’s investment in defending or prosecuting the claim.

More About Targeted Lawyering

How can it benefit you?

The resolution of legal claims has traditionally corresponded with months, and often years, of litigation which is generally not in the best interest of MVPF Law’s business clients. Those clients rightly want to focus their time, resources and energy on their business—whether that is operating a restaurant or a telecommunications company.

Targeted lawyering also means identifying our clients’ goals from the outset of representation. Some clients embrace a cost-benefit approach to all claims, even claims they feel are meritless. Others choose to fight questionable or clearly meritless claims even if the claimants’ demands are modest. These clients perceive greater benefit to mounting an aggressive defense even if it is more costly than paying a settlement, to dissuade future similar claims.

Our goal as lawyers and counselors is to flesh out our clients’ primary concerns and objectives, so we can tailor our representation to achieve these objectives.

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