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Fast paced and youthful. The retail industry presents risks and hazards unique to the workplace. Injuries include slip and falls, repetitive and overuse and various orthopedic claims. The claims vary by the nature of the facility. Each location different with unique risks. In order to best defend these claims we develop the facts quickly. The defense must control the narrative as to the time, location and physical requirements of the job. Do not let an incorrect history create a bad outcome. With this in mind it is our policy to GET THERE FIRST. The most accurate information and history to the doctor will support a solid defense.

We also recognize our clients have built their businesses on proprietary information and it is our job to protect your physical and intellectual assets.

Defending the case, attacking the medical findings and immediate availability to investigate claims highlight our trucking defense work. Issues regarding TBI and distracted driving claims play a prominent role in our practice.

On the workers’ compensation side we are well equipped to challenge employment v. independent contractor issues as well as claims arising from vehicular collisions, loading and unloading, roadside repair as well as slip and fall claims. We recognize subrogation claims often arise from these injuries and are prepared to move forward to recover from third parties should the facts warrant.

Defending professional athlete claims in California workers’ compensation cases is a “specialty within a specialty.” The issues addressed in these cases are unique. They include risk shifting, detailed analysis of jurisdictional issues and a comprehensive defense based on co-morbidities and post career employment.

The firm offers trial and appellate experience in this field dating back to 1979.

This is a “specialty within a specialty.” Defending the injury and the claim is but one part of handling these cases. A full knowledge of Memorandums of Understanding, union issues, pension claims, retirement claims, reinstatement claims, return to work issues, fitness for work issues and claims involving CA LC 4850 are necessary to secure the speediest and best outcomes.

A full knowledge of presumptions under the CA Labor Code are key. Understanding the education code in school district cases go into our defense.

Almost 13 million of us are employed in the manufacturing space. Trips, falls, continuous trauma, burns, amputations and crushing injuries are common place.

Upon retention or receipt of a file we schedule a complimentary tour and inspection of the facility where the accident took place. Due to the detailed nature and specialty of the work we want to be as well educated as possible. As with other industries, knowledge is power and leads to better outcomes. We know the facts first so we get there first.

Workers – insulators, shipbuilders, pipefitters, plumbers, electricians, railroad workers, mechanics, among many others – suffering from complications as a result of work-related asbestos exposure are eligible to file workers’ compensation claims in California. Most people with asbestos-related complications are not diagnosed until many years after the fact, but California allows for these claims to proceed despite the passage of time. These claims can be complicated to defend, as there are multiple employers and insurance companies involved.

The key to defending asbestos cases is to quickly investigate the worksites at which the applicant may have been exposed to asbestos. In California, there are only a handful of firms specializing in these claims, with two based in Southern California. We at Adelson McLean have good contact with these firms and have been able to work with them in moving cases quickly to resolution.

Each trade has its own issues. What we do know is that no site is the same from one day to the next. A quick investigation is necessary. Review of safety logs and documents add to our strategic defense of these matters. Our services include the civil defense of claims, S&W filings as well as workers compensation claims.

Examples of frequent injuries include falls, trench collapses, scaffold collapse, electrical shock, repetitive motion and failure to properly use safety protection.

We know what a PEO is and what a PEO does. The entire range of coverage, location and payroll issues are familiar to us.

The spectrum of services and industries served by PEOs is broad based. It requires knowledge of your program as well as a solid understanding of intricacies of the businesses you serve.

Hotels, restaurants, event venues and touring create unique challenges for employers in this space. For hotels it is the unsupervised work of the housekeeper, the maintenance crew and the kitchen. For restaurants specific issues and statues apply to employees under the age of 16.

In defending cases involving slip and falls, lifting and repetitive motion injuries we need the clear facts. We do so with early investigation and development of the record.

Healthcare workers have the highest rate of injuries in the United States. Physical labor, repetitive injuries, needle sticks and now Covid-19 presumptions.

As with most industries we investigate first and secure the facts and witnesses. We then move forward with the most accurate information necessary to achieve the best outcomes.

Inspection and touring the workplace is key. Incorrect or exaggerated facts are immediately challenged and brought back to a clear and identifiable physical workplace. Clear facts create strong defenses which cannot be challenged based on the physical requirements of the job or the layout of the facility. Claims of excess lifting, standing, dangerous work areas are either quickly verified or disputed. By GETTING THERE FIRST facts are directed to medical experts with verifiable clarity.

With injuries involving forklifts, loading docks, over exertion, repetitive stress, falling objects, a guards, slip and falls we must develop the facts quickly.

A strong defense and subrogation possibilities flow from pre-injury knowledge with post injury investigation.

Working from home is common place. Away from the office meetings. This is an industry on the move. The workforce is mobile. In office injuries such as repetitive injuries and slip and falls are common. What about work from home injuries? Off site injuries? We understand coverage, going and coming rule claims and travel related issues.

We understand workers’ compensation coverage. Layers of coverage and retention levels can effect strategies involving catastrophic claims. The impact of outcomes on employer collateral issues are part of our “best outcome” philosophy.

The firm offers detailed workers’ compensation coverage opinions.

California insurance code section 11590 mandates workers’ compensation coverage be part of every homeowners policy issued. These cases are one of the few “specialty within a specialty” in the California workers compensation system.

Our analysis includes coverage, independent contractor status, licensed contractor status as well as a determination of all factual requirements to determine qualification of the injured worker as a person covered under the policy.

Each case starts with a brief analysis as to covered employee status. From there we move to our factual investigation meeting with the homeowner to address questions and to prepare our defense.

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